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800 & 900 Facebook Fan Giveaway

LittleBlue Bird

Ok, are you guys ready for an awesome giveaway with some amazing vendors? I am SO lucky to have such AMAZING fans that I’ve reached almost 1,000 fans in the last few months! I wanted to combine my 800-900 fan giveaway with help from my fans! Let me start off saying, that I am so...

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Let’s Up the Ante a Bit.

So I decided, let’s play that old game you get to play when you’re younger. You know guessing how many M&Ms are in the bucket? But let’s make this more interesting than winning a free candy bar. How about free money? All you have to do is guess how much money is there on my...

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700 Fan Giveaway!!!

  Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’m already at over 700 fans! I’m SO lucky to have all of you as my fans. I’ve decided that I’ve be doing giveaways all the way up to 1,000 fans and then I’ll have a HUGE giveaway to celebrate! The giveaways will keep going and getting larger and...

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Facebook Fan Giveaway!

 Giveaway. I wanted to offer something unique just from me for the first giveaway. I know everyone enjoys having pictures to remember certain events in their lives. This is the reason I became a photographer, because I enjoy taking pictures and capturing timeless memories. For this contest, I’ll be offering a free session ($350.00 value),...

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Richelle & Bryan Salt Lake City, UT Engagement Photographer

I don’t know what it is about love.. but I just find it an amazing and such a powerful emotion. I can’t lie when I saw Bryan & Richelle kissing or any other couple in love kissing, whispering in the other ear, and laughing.. and I think camera moment! These guys have actually been  married for...

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